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Frequently Asked Questions

Futsal FAQs

How long is a match?

Two halves of 20 minutes played in real time. The clock is stopped for any stoppage, so each half can take longer than 20 minutes. Each half usually lasts around 30 minutes. The half time break is 15 minutes, and there is always injury/additional time to add on. Each team can have one time out in each half lasting one minute.

How many players take part?

The teams have five players. One goalkeeper and up to a 12 man squad.


He is allowed to leave his area.


Each match has three referees.

The Ball?

The ball is size four with 30% reduced bounce.

Four second rule?

When a match is restarted, a team has only four seconds to restart the action.  If the ball goes out of play, play must be restarted with a kick-in, not a throw.


All the squad players can be used and rotated throughout the match. There i no time limit for how long each player can feature.

Is there food available?

Yes, there is a kiosk outside  the centre on match days and alos vending machines within the sports facility.