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4 January 2019

Cambridge United are delighted to introduce this Saturday’s 12th Fan and therefore leading the U’s out at the Abbey Stadium against Stevenage, is Wendy Twinn.

As part of the #UnitedSince1912 campaign, the U's are delighted to introduce the 12th Fan initiative supported by Mick George, which will see a Cambridge United supporter profiled on the Club website, feature in the U’s squad list as number 12 on the programme and lead out the U's at the Abbey Stadium on every match day in 2018/19!

Wendy congratulations, how long have you been supporting Cambridge United?

I’m not quite sure about my first game, but I’ve been coming since the days of Wilf Mannion so over 50 years. I can remember all of the old players back in those days but I couldn’t remember the first game I went to. I can remember going to Wilf’s testimonial actually but I can’t even remember what year that was!

Who have you attended the games with during the time you have supported the club and who do you attend the games with now?

When I was at school, I would first come along with friends. I have been going to the games with Ron (husband) for a long time now. Although only since my son stopped coming with Ron, and then all of a sudden he let me come back to watch again!

Which stands have you watched the games from? Have you always been in the same place or have you moved around the ground?

I’ve always sat in the Main Stand. Not always in the same seat but always in that stand.

What is your best memory of supporting the club and why?

The two Manchester United games. Going to Man United was unbelievable, and that even through all the years of coming has to be the best.

Your support extends beyond a Saturday afternoon, as you are based at the ground throughout the week as a volunteer. Explain a bit about what you get involved with at the club.

I help Gordon (Kit Manager) throughout the week if he needs me to. I then help out with cleaning all the stands, the stairwells on a Friday so that they are ready and clean for a Saturday game. A lot of the time, I’ll be walking round the stadium looking for rubbish and picking it all up. Oh and I hoover the tunnel because it’s important that is clean every game for the players.

I have got to know the players quite well, because I sponsor a lot of them! I don’t know the youngsters too well but the rest of the players I know and I like sponsoring them because it’s something nice to do for them.

6. As the 12th Fan, what will it mean to you and how proud will you be to lead out the team out of the tunnel on Saturday?

Because of the amount of time I have supported the club, I’m definitely going to enjoy it. It’ll be a proud moment for sure.

Tickets for Saturday's game with Stevenage are available online here, in-store or by calling 01223 566 500.

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