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1 April 2018

Groundsmen Ian Darler and Mick Brown have found a few unwelcome visitors have set up camp over the Easter weekend at the Abbey Stadium, which has been hit with a mole infestation!

A number of mole hills have cropped up in the corner of the pitch between the South Stand and the South Habbin, the corner closest to Coldham’s Common whereby the moles are believed to have travelled from.

Groundsman Ian Darler commented: “When Mick and I arrived on Saturday afternoon to finish of the pitch repairs from the Crawley match, we were both surprised to find a few unwelcome visitors had trespassed into the stadium overnight.

“We obviously had to deal with the Beast from the East quite recently, whilst in the past we’ve had rabbits scraping the surface of the turf and foxes who have chewed the goal nets and dug holes looking for worms for their cubs.

“But I have to say this is the first time we have had moles on the pitch and they have burrowed/tunnelled in several places.

“We have called our pest control officer in, who has set humane traps within the mole will run so that we can hopefully catch the little horrors before the Exeter fixture. Once caught, the mole will be released back on to the common from where he is believed to have come from.”

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