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Impact Sport - Dangers of Sugar

10 April 2014

Impact Sports Nutrition - Dangers Of Sugar

CAMBRIDGE United are proud partners of Impact Sports Nutrition.

All of Impact Sport's products are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and are batch tested by HFL Sport Science meaning they are cleared by WADA (World Anti Doping Association) for consumption by elite athletes.

Impact are passionate about assisting the next generation of sporting stars in the UK and nutrition and hydration habits play a vital role in progressing athletic performance. Impact Sports currently supply teams from grassroots clubs to Premier League academies.

Impact Sport are keen to stress the dangers of too much sugar:
"We have been brainwashed for far too long that packaged processed convenience foods in our supermarkets will help to improve health, whereas the truth is they are often full of sugar and contain very little nutrients that will improve health and performance in sport long term."

"The marketing messages of low fat will invariably mean the product is pumped full of sugar/artificial additives to make it palatable."

"The dangers of too much sugar for anyone long term is poor health but for a young developing athlete include risks of putting on excess weight and further risks of diabetes, tooth decay, irritability and lack of focus/concentration, this will inevitably have an effect on consequent ability to perform at a consistent level."

Sugar can also play havoc with the immune system increasing the chances of becoming ill more often.  Have a read of the ingredients labels on the back of your foods.
Did you know?
-A standard bar of dairy milk contains 6 teaspoons of sugar
-A can of coke contains 8 teaspoons of sugar
-One cookie can contain 2 teaspoons of sugar
-500ml of a traditional sports drink contains 8 teaspoons of sugar!

"The obvious message is excess consumption of sugar is bad! So try and avoid as much as possible particularly in drinks!  Appropriate nutrition is important for athletes of all ages and abilities, but it is of particular concern in young athletes. Young developing athletes have different and more specific nutritional requirements which are critical to maintain growth, health and to achieve athletic potential."

All Impact products contain absolutely no added sugars and no artificial colours flavours or preservatives.

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