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At CUSP we represent the views and interests of U’s fans worldwide, and we aim to bring the Football Club and the fans closer together by improving communication and transparency. Should you have any issue you would like us to raise with the Club and report back on, please email us or message us via Facebook or Twitter.

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Name:  Nigel Browne (Chair of CUSP)
Where I can be found:  Main Stand OR NRE

I work at the club on matchdays as a turnstile operator. I feel very passionate about Cambridge United and the fans being involved with the club. The fans are the only true constant in a football club. Players, Coaches, and Staff all come and go. For most true fans it's a lifetime of emotions. It's very important that they are involved and listened to. Likewise it's important that there is sensible and constructive dialogue between them and the club. I see the fans panel as the best way of achieving this.

Name:  James Mills (Vice-Chair)
Where I can be found:  NRE

I have been a season ticket holder since I was four years old. I was a ball boy for six seasons and now stand in the Newmarket Road End. My family have a long history with the Club. I go to the majority of away games and all of the home games. I would like to see the communication between the fans and the club improved and to feel that I have made a difference for the fans, and by being a member of the Cambridge United Supporters Panel I want to achieve this.


Name:  David Burkett (Mental Health Liaison Officer)
Where I can be found:  Family Stand block G

I live in Cottenham and attend home games with my wife, daughter and son who are all fellow season ticket holders. I was born in the year of English footballs greatest triumph and started attending games at The Abbey during the Ron Atkinson era. I am a postman who has played football at various levels locally and am currently an FA Licensed Coach, coaching male and female youth teams. I understand some things must remain private and confidential within the club but seek to improve and ensure clarity and openness where possible. And to give every fan a voice.

Name: Andy Fox (Official Spokesperson)
Where I can be found:  Habbin and Supporter's Club

I've been a fan since my first game in April 1973, who can forget the Mansfield promotion decider?  I live in Barnwell, just ten minutes from the ground.  I'd just like to make a difference through CUSP. More communication and cooperation between club and fans re kits and all merchandising. I'd like to see the Habbin reclaimed and campaign to consign the word 'yellows' to the past.

Name: Paul Moffat
Where I can be found:  Main Stand Block F

A United fan for 37 years, my first game was against Watford in 1981. My abiding memory was the horrible Corona End fence and the little serving hatch at the back of the supporters club that sold mushy peas – yum!  I had the bug and Saturdays have never been the same since. Most of my life has been inextricably linked with the fortunes of this club.  I care passionately about its future. I want to help and be an agent of change. I will be as approachable to my fellow fans as I am as passionate about our super club.

Name:  Mark Mumford (Disabilities Representative)
Where I can be found:  Main Stand Block B

I am 53 years old and have supporting my wonderful club since the late 70's, firstly in the Habbin but now in the Main Stand. I'm married to Claire & have three sons, my eldest Adam (21) is a season ticket holder also. I've seen our club through some amazing highs and also some monumental lows and I'm desperate for some more highs.

Name:  Chris Neild
Where I can be found:  Habbin

I've followed the U's for 30 years, first when a student here in the 80s and, more recently when the return to the League coincided with me moving back into the town - I've now been able to get my offspring interested too. I make most home games and away ones when I can - been to Hartlepool and Exeter!   I'm chairman of a successful local cricket club so have 'committee' experience.  In my day job I have responsibilities for finance and property, I want to help fans understand more about how the club is run in these areas.

Name:  Ben Payne
Where I can be found:  Main Stand Block A

I first saw Cambridge at the "old Wembley" back in May 1990 and have been hooked ever since. I became a season ticket holder in 2005 and now sit in the Main Stand. I've got a huge passion for the club and what it means to the local community. I believe, having run my own businesses and now as a senior manager for a global business, I can bring my skills from these areas to influence and assist CUSP in holding the board to account, supporting the staff at the club and protecting the future of this great club for generations to come.

Name:  Philip Saich (Secretary)
Where I can be found:  Family Stand Block E

I have supported the U's since coming up to university in 1985, and my son and I have been season ticket holders in the Family Stand since 2013. We have also provided digital marketing support to the club's commercial department and, among other projects, created the promotion season review DVD at no cost to CUFC. I am focused on effective communication and am passionate about bringing the CUFC board and the fans closer together. In addition, I seek to use my seat on the Panel to increase transparency and engagement throughout the club at all levels.