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Food and Drink


There are Tea Bars located in every stand of the Abbey Stadium.

The Tea Bars serve a mix of hot food including hot dogs and pies, with hot and cold drinks, chocolate bars and bags of crisps also available.

The Club have also installed further catering units around the ground in addition to the tea bars to reduce queue times before the game and at half time. These serve a range of burgers, chips and other confectionary items.

Tea Bar One – Located at the top of the D & A Main Stand towards the Newmarket Road End

Tea Bar Two – Located at the rear of the Newmarket Road End, supporters who enter through the turnstiles at the front of the ground will see tea bar two directly in front of them upon arrival into the ground.

Tea Bar Three & Four – Located at the rear of the North Habbin

Tea Bar Five – Located at the rear of the South Habbin South

Tea Bar Six - The only tea bar located inside the terrace, tea bar six is located at the top right of the South Habbin Stand

Tea Bar Seven & Eight – Located at either end of the South Stand rear.


Located at the rear of the D & A Main Stand. Marvin’s has recently been renovated and offers a cash bar facility from one hour before the game, at half time and post-match. The beer garden is the perfect place to catch up with friends and family and enjoy a few refreshments.  


Supporters who sit in the D & A Main Stand also have free access to the Dion Dublin Bar before and after the game as well as at half time, which offers the perfect environment to enjoy a pint or two.  Please note that under no circumstances are alcoholic drinks and glasses allowed to leave the Dion Dublin Bar or Marvin’s.