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Disability Policy



1.0 Ticket Information
2.0 Car Parking
3.0 Designated Areas For Wheelchair Users
4.0 Toilets
5.0 Catering
6.0 Further Disabled Information
6.1 Wheelchair Dependent Supporters
6.2 Hearing Impaired Supporters
6.3 Visually Impaired Supporters
6.4 Supporters with Learning Difficulties
6.5 Ambulant Disabled Supporters                                                 
6.6 Supporters with Infirmities
6.7 Supporters with Sound Sensory  Concerns
7.0 Useful Websites
8.0 Contact Information
9.0 Disabled Supporters Policy
10.0 Access
11.0 Representation 


Cambridge United wishes to confirm its commitment to supporters with disabilities. This includes people with:

·       Sensory impairments; - eg. those suffering from hearing loss or visual impairment

·       People who are largely dependent on using wheelchairs for their daily activities

·       People with learning difficulties

·       People with walking difficulties

·       People with physically restricting medical conditions

·       Older people who are infirm and who have mobility difficulties

Equality Act 2010

A fundamental principle, the Act states that disabled people should not be treated ‘less favourably, without justification’ and that ‘reasonable adjustments should be made to make goods, facilities and services accessible’. Cambridge United aims to comply fully with both the provisions and spirit of the Act.


The club operates a specific non-discriminatory ticketing policy for disabled supporters and will seek to ensure that the scheme does not differentiate between disabled people with differing impairments.

The club does not offer a concessionary ticket rate solely on the grounds of a supporter being disabled. Season ticket and match day concessions will continue to be given on an age related basis.

Opportunities for disabled supporters to attend away matches may be limited by the allocation received from the host club.

The designated disabled liaison officer will help to carry out co-ordination of the sales of these tickets.

The latest ticketing information can be found by calling 01223 566500.

The club reserves the right to request 'proof of a disability' before issuing any tickets. Such proof shall include a letter stating receipt of the middle or higher rate of the Disability Living Allowance (mobility or care component), receipt of either the Severe Disablement Allowance or a personal letter from a GP.

Receipt of a blue badge will not be considered sufficient proof of disability.


The club has a small number parking spaces allocated to its disabled supporters. All of these are allocated to those with the most severe mobility difficulties. Following this criterion, those making use of a wheelchair are given priority. Applications can be made for any spare spaces via the Cambridge United ticket office before the match. Each request will be judged on merit.

Car parking for away supporters should be made before match day to Cambridge United ticket office 01223566500.

Applications should be made to the club on a seasonal basis but can be booked for individual match days at least 48 hours in advance.

The club asks that supporters recognise that there is only a limited number of places available and it will not be possible to accommodate everyone who has a blue badge.

Supporters will be expected to produce their disabled parking badge on request.

For information about disabled parking availability for forthcoming matches, please call 01223 566500.


The club has designated areas for wheelchair users, who are advised to purchase tickets at least 48 hours in advance if they do not hold a season ticket, as the club has limited spaces available.

A breakdown of wheelchair spaces available can be found below:

Wheelchair Users (Designated Areas)

34 Home Supporters: Wheelchair areas are all currently ground level.

These are situated in the Mundipharma Community Stand and at the Newmarket Road End .

10 Away Supporters: Wheelchair areas are all currently ground level.

These are situated in front of the South Stand.

For health and safety reasons, users of both manual and powered wheelchairs are required to be accompanied by a personal assistant.

Personal assistants are seated within the designated areas.

Supporters with other disabilities are able to take up a place anywhere in the stadium.

An audio description commentary service is provided by the club, with full details available in 6.3.


The club has three accessible toilets based in the Mundipharma Community Stand, South Stand and Newmarket Road End.


Matchday catering for disabled supporters is provided within the stadium. However, certain areas of the stadium do not have catering facilities suitable for those with mobility difficulties and it is therefore advised that for these particular areas, disabled supporters either bring along a personal assistant or notify the nearest steward who will be happy to provide assistance.

Other facilities, which come under the general heading of catering, such as bars and executive lounges, are accessible to people with disabilities.

Waitress service can be provided in the Dion Dublin Suite.


Further information about specific disabilities can be found in this section.


The club has a limited number of facilities for supporters who are wheelchair dependent and their personal assistants in all areas of the ground, with the exception of the Habbin Stand.

Wherever possible the club will make suitable alternative arrangements for those wheelchair dependent supporters wishing to attend matches with their families.

Wheelchair dependent supporters will be offered the opportunity of being seated in appropriate areas of the stadium by purchasing tickets in advance and reserving a seat.

Tickets for supporters in this position should be purchased at least 24 hours in advance.

Supporters wishing to apply for season ticket places in the designated areas should contact the ticket office on 01223 566500


Supporters with impaired hearing can be accommodated in the stadium by various means.

Unfortunately the club does not, currently, have induction loop equipment so it is strongly recommended that each hearing impaired person attending a match at Abbey Stadium is accompanied by a person aged 16 or over who is fully able to support their needs in the event of an emergency.


The club is able to accommodate supporters with visual impairment in all parts of the ground but the club recommends that each visually impaired person attending a match at Abbey Stadium should be accompanied by a person aged 16 or over who is fully able to support their needs in the event of an emergency. The best choice of seating for the visually impaired is in Block E of the Main Stand.

The criteria for access to this facility require that each person can provide a copy of their registration document which certifies they are Registered Blind (or partially sighted) or qualifying documentation from their optician equivalent to the registration requirements.

On match days information will be carried via the public address system.

Visually impaired supporters wishing to attend a match aided by their guide dog should contact the club in advance for all relevant information. We can then ensure that all measures are taken to ensure both the safety of you and the dog getting to the allocated area. Cambridge United has areas in both the North and South stands.

Measures will also be taken to ensure that the welfare of the guide dog is preserved.

Cambridge United is able offer visually impaired supporters match day commentary through use of a headset. These are free to use, however need to be ordered in advance of match day by contacting Nick Parker on 07929 589925 or

Large print documents are not issued generally. However, they can be produced, if requested 48hrs in advance


Supporters with learning difficulties can be accommodated in the stadium by various means, as it is normally possible for them to use ordinary stand accommodation.

If, for whatever reason, any person with a learning difficulty feels that ordinary stand accommodation would be unsuitable for them, they should contact the club on 01223 56650 for further information.

Any supporter who would like to be contacted with important ticket and other news are welcome to register their details at the Main Ticket Office.


The club recognises that there are considerable numbers of people in the community who use wheelchairs mainly for outdoor mobility purposes but are not necessarily confined to their wheelchair.

Ambulant disabled supporters will be offered the opportunity of being seated in appropriate areas of the stadium by purchasing tickets in advance and reserving a seat.

It will also be necessary for the ambulant disabled person to provide qualifying documentation relating to their condition in order to qualify for a reasonable adjustment.

The club also recognises that disabled people have families and indeed may wish to attend a match as a family and therefore the club will provide designated ambulant seats for families on request within the Family Stand.


Supporters with certain conditions can sometimes have difficulty accessing seats in some parts of the stadium.

The club recognises that elderly people now form a larger part of the population than younger people and the club wishes to make sure that our elderly supporters are able to continue to attend matches whenever possible.

The club therefore recognises that some of its longest serving supporters with infirmities may require seating in an appropriate area of the stadium.

All supporters with infirmities who require seats in appropriate areas are requested to purchase tickets and book seats 48 hours in advance by calling 01223 566500.


If you want to attend a match at the Abbey Stadium but have sensory concerns, we can help!

We have a supply of noise-reducing ear defenders and ear plugs which we are able to loan out to supporters.  These can prevent or reduce some of the unexpected noise from the stands.

With advance notice we can also try to accommodate supporters in a less populated or slightly quieter area. 

People with sensory issues won’t miss out, the club can provide activities on non match days which will enable those with sensory issues to participate in sport.e

If you would like to borrow some equipment or have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us via


Cambridge United Football Club

Level Playing Field:

Association of Wheelchair & Ambulant Disabled Supporters:


Disabled Liaison Officer,

Cambridge United Football Club, Abbey Stadium, Cambridge

Tel: 01223 566500

Email the Ticket Office:


The club has an Equal Opportunities Policy and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of disability.

The club has a designated disabled liaison officer who can be contacted on


The club recognises that not all of its facilities are, currently, fully accessible to supporters with disabilities and confirms that it is committed to making the necessary reasonable adjustments described by the Disability Discrimination Act 2010 and its relevant codes of practice to ensure full compliance with legislation.

Those supporters requiring access to one of our designated areas are advised to purchase tickets in advance if they do not hold a season ticket as the club has limited space available.


The club's designated disabled liaison officer works closely with Cambridge Fans United and advises the club on issues which are of particular concern to disabled supporters.